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Products : SILOM 350 Threading Machine

This ce rated threading machine will perform all the functions of The Ridge Tool Co. model 300, the industry workhorse.    Pipe Threading - Roll Grooving can be undertaken with accessories fully interchangeable with Ridgid ® Threading Machine, and very economically priced.
The threading machine motor - power drive - chucks etc are themselves built of interchangeable components, making repair of Ridgid ® threading machines with Silom spares an attractive proposition.
The Silom 350 will accept all Ridgid ® items, such as 141 Die Head - Bolt Die Heads - 918 & 916 Roll Groovers, also the new Ridgid ® 975 Combo Roll Groover perfect for pipe threading
Silom is not an authorized distributor of Ridgid ® products

350 -The complete machine to 2" 115V (230V on request). Power drive and Tristand with 2" Die Head, Pipe Cutter-Reamer and Carriage assembly. Footswitch-Oiler unit with pump action oil gun, a 2 wheel transporter unit and a drip tray, Dies 1/2-3/4" and 1-2" BSPT are included. Any component may be ordered separately, or as the following sub assemblies.

Priced @ £898.95    Weight 106kg

The Ridge Tool Co. price for model 300 is £3448.70
      (Excludes 2 wheeled transporter)
      (Excludes Drip Tray)

M600 - Power Drive Unit, Pat tested and complete, this unit will accept the 1206 stand (or Silom M180) and all Ridgid ® components.  Silom economic service exchange motor facility can avoid lengthy repair down time.
Any components may be ordered seperately.

Priced @ £512.60    Weight 46kg

The Ridge Tool Co. price for Powerdrive £2086.50

M408 - Tristand-Oiler assembly-Footswitch-Machine Transporter and a drip tray.
High standards ensure satisfaction - this sub assembly is compatable with other Silom or Ridgid ® parts.
Any component can be ordered separately.

Priced @ £310.00  Weight 32kg

The Ridge Tool Co, price £930.40
   (Excludes Drip tray)

M409 - Carriage & Lever assembly-Die Head-Cutter-Reamer-2 sets Dies.
Everything which sits upon the support bars!  Integrates well with existing machines & component parts
Any component can be ordered separately.

Priced @ £459.45    Weight 21kg

The Ridge Tool Co. price £1164.50