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Products : Manual and Automatic Pressure Testers


All the following Testers are suitable for use with water or oil. All have 1/2" BSPP connection, and have water inlet filtration.   For testing all types of pipework and boiler installations, heating-steam-oil system-pressure vessels.   Widely used throughout the fire sprinkler industry, a popular item within the tool rental programme.   All may be used with lock off gauge & valve.

M457 - Particularly suited to the plumber and underfloor heating engineer, this low pressure tester can still cater for 15 BAR testing in sprinkler installation.  Dual valve low pressure (20 BAR max) smooth to operate, holding a steady pressure.  Steel powder coated rustproof tank of 12ltrs capacity.


Priced @ £73.80              Weight 9 KG

M455 - A single valve tester to 60 BAR, with a unique totally enclosed gauge to minimise damage in transportation.  Pumps rapidly to higher pressures without having to fight the equipment.  This model economically lends itself to site use.  Steel powder coated 12ltr tank.


Priced @ £86.20             Weight 8 KG

M458 - The very best of 60 BAR dual valve testers which pumps to the higher pressures, protected gauge, clear permanent instructions, very easy to use.  Steel powder coated 12 ltr rust proofed tank, optional stainless steel tank on request.  Piston of high quality wear resistant material with seals.


Priced @ £154.00             Weight 8 KG

M453 - A 120 BAR tester - used principly within the petro-chemical industry.  Single valve easily operated to higher pressures.  High manufacturing standards ensure reliability with ease of use.  The gauge is calibrated to 150 BAR.


Priced @ £176.20               Weight 8 KG

M452 - Electric 110V Pressure tester to 60 BAR, fully encased with powerful 1750watt motorised suction pump, which could also connect to main supply.  Stable glycerine filled gauge - 60 BAR - accurate to 1.6% in a sturdy housing.  Universal applications in pipework installation and pressure vessel testing.  Plugs to IP44.


Priced @ £357.70               Weight 13KG

Red Plastic case   £23.30 nett

M550 - 4" (100mm) Glycerine filled calibrated gauge to include calibration certificate, (12 months). 0-300lbs 20 Bar, 3/8" BSPP bottom entry. Accuracy of determination BS; EN - 837- Class 1.

This is the gauge widely used in Fire Sprinkler testing.

Priced @ £46.35

M553 - Gauge adaptor 3/8" BSPP female by 1/2" BSPP male.

Priced @ £6.40

M554 - Gauge adaptor 3/8" BSPP female by 3/4" BSPP male.

Priced @ £7.20

M555 - Gauge adaptor washers.

Priced @ £0.24

M558 - Lockoff valve with gauge.  Glycerine filled gauge to 60 Bar (900 PSI) accuracy 1.6%.

Priced @ £37.30